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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mend the Broken Toasts, with Pesto

Every cook understands the beauty of simplicity. Oftentimes, a complex dish brings out the simplest form of an ingredient.

Red Chile Chicken Bowl
with Red Pepper Pesto Toasts, Truffle Cheese, and BBQ Almonds

After tossing together a quick rice bowl with red chile chicken (marinaded in homemade mexican chile sauce) and some lettuce and avocado, I peeked into the fridge and noticed my new purchase - truffle cheese. So I decided to serve some ezekiel bread with melted truffle cheese and red pepper pesto with smoky BBQ almonds. Odd combination, I know, but the tinge of lime flavor in a freshly made red pepper pesto combined with salty BBQ nuts really brings out the creamy melted truffle cheese.

I heard rumors that red pepper pesto is the new "pesto". I doubt most would ever give up the beloved green pesto for good, but I do believe that variations of red pepper pesto are going to be increasingly popular. It's not just tasty, it's gorgeous! Did I mention that I used smoky BBQ almonds in the pesto? I wish I had a few more of these broken toasts!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Indulgence - Movie Night

Life has been so fast paced lately, in a good way, though I would hate for life to just pass us by without even realizing it. This theory also explains why my husband and I are not TV people. Yes, we rarely watch TV, shows, or anything. News is easily accessible with radio, phone, laptops, etc. right? Though there are good shows that I occasionally get addicted to like LOST or BSG. So when we decide to have a quiet movie night at home, it really is a special occasion! Every special occasion deserves something delicious, of course.

Argentinian Flank Steak with Chimichurri
served with Green Chile Cornbread

For our quiet night in, I made an Argentinian flank steak with chimichurri. I served the steak with a spiced up green chile corn bread. In my opinion, grilled flank steak tastes best when it is accompanied with a flavorful sauce like chimichurri. The pairing is just perfection. To add a little more excitement to the plate, I made a spiced up green chile corn bread to munch on. Enjoy the present and indulge in the simplicity of life!