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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exotic Flavors of India

In my attempt to prepare a complete Indian menu tonight, I found locating ingredients being the most difficult task of the process. But once I managed to gather all necessary spices, it was definitely worth the effort.

Flavors of India

I made an Ulli Sambar, or Shallot Sambar, a South Indian lentil-based stew with whole peeled shallots. Although Sambar traditionally calls for yellow lentils (or toor dal), I used red lentils, the closest type I managed to find. This worked perfectly because it also softened easily and carry a slightly sweeter taste, which is similar to yellow lentils. The unique texture and sweetness of Sambar, brought out by a sweet Tamarind paste, was a nice side dish to tonight's dinner.

Chicken Tikka Masala, served over Brown Rice
accompanied by Ulli Sambar and Mango Lassi

As the main course, I made Chicken Tikka Masala, or a curry dish of roasted chicken, over brown rice. Chicken breast pieces were first marinated in yogurt and spices, broiled, then added to the thickened curry. Of course, our dinner was accompanied by a must-have drink, Mango Lassi. Simple to make, Mango Lassi is a delicious drink consisting of mango, yogurt, milk, sugar, and a dash of cardamom. I highly recommend all of you to take advantage of the wonderful mango season!


  1. Oh my, this looks so delicious! :)

  2. Your whole dinner sounds amazing, such a wonderful exploration of Indian flavors!

  3. this looks delicious!!!! i love indian food! and the mango drink looks SOOOO good!!! YUM!

  4. this is fantastic. I want Indian food so bad now. wonderful job!

  5. Indian food is one of our faves! This looks pretty darn delicious to me! =)

  6. Looks yummy and filling! Great food diversity :D And coincidentally, I just learned what dal was the other day ^^

  7. Is there anything you can't cook? This looks amazing, especially since that Indian food truck went away. :( Love the colors and presentation here.