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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Michael Mina, Vegas.

The moment we decided that we were going to Vegas to celebrate the new year and my dad's 60th birthday, I (of course) started listing restaurants I couldn't miss. My wish list looked something like: Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Michael Mina, Lupo by Wolfgang Puck, Mesa Grill..., and so on. As a Michelin-starred restaurant, Michael Mina had impeccable service and creative dishes. If you'd rather try it at home, buy Michael Mina: The Cookbook.

For those who can't decide and prefer to try a little of everything, the tasting menu was fantastic. It includes Chef Michael Mina's signature dishes like the lobster pot pie. I was too intrigued by the a la carte menu offerings to pass on the opportunity. My only critique would be the lack of theme and consistency across his menu items. I felt that there was no central theme (cuisine, ingredients, or seasoning) to tie his dishes together. In my opinion, his specialty seems to be seafood and appetizers.
Here is a list of what we sampled:

Tasting Menu
Ahi Tuna Tartare - Ancho Chile. Mint. Pine Nut. Sesame Oil.
Lobster Pot Pie - Summer Vegetables. Brandied Lobster Cream.
American Kobe Rib Eye - Porcini Butter Poached. Creamed Corn.
Hot Mulled Apple Cider - Vanilla Sugar Cookie.
Glazed Chocolate Brownie - Cocoa Nib Ice Cream. Spiced Pecans.
Root Beer Float - Warm Chocolate Chip & Cookies.
Brown Sugar Wafer
Chocolate Bon Bon

A La Carte
Hors d'oeurves - Foie Gras PB&J, Cured Ocean Trout, Steak Tartare, Crab BLT
Truffle-Stuffed Jidori Chicken - Savoy Cabbage, Foie Gras Rice
Banana Tarte Tatin - Brown Butter Ice Cream, Toffee
Apple Crisp - Cinnamon Ice Cream, Oat Streusel


  1. oooo classy gourmet dining! i've gone to mesa grill in NYC and it was pretty good :). so glad your dad got to enjoy a nice vacay on his 60th!

  2. The tasting menu looks amazing! I haven't been there yet!

  3. These all look amazing, but my gaze naturally locked onto that rib eye. Nice composition with the pot pie reveal. So hungry now!

  4. wow! looks like you had some really delicious meals and options to choose from!