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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gastropub Cuisine, Gourmet Pork Shoulder Pizza

Although there are numerous restaurants that I love and enjoy, there are only a handful that inspire my cooking. Those are the restaurants I look forward to visiting everytime. Waterloo & City is one of them.

Waterloo & City was designed as a traditional British gastropub, which by definition has a relaxed atmosphere while serving gastronomic cuisine. However, those in LA have begun to associate the restaurant with molecular gastronomy cuisine, mainly due to its creative spin on popular comfort food and its ever-changing menu. I cannot tell you how much I loved their winter squash cheesecake with candied bacon and crème fraiche. Anyway, we ordered their "Braised Short Rib Pizza, Stilton, Chimichuri" and were instantly in love. The way the tenderness and juiciness of short ribs melt onto the pizza, making the thin crust pizza feel like a deep dish. The way the chimichuri brings an extreme flavor and texture to the entire pizza.

I was inspired to make what I personally thought was the best pizza I have ever had - Ale Braised Pork Shoulder Pizza with Candied Apple Pecans.

Ale Braised Pork Shoulder Pizza with Candied Apple Pecans

Pork shoulder was braised in the oven with Belgian ale, pancetta, onions, and various herbs for approximately four hours. I covered the fresh pizza crust with shredded pork shoulder pieces and a thin layer of marinara sauce. The pizza was then topped with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, candied whole pecans and apple slices, basil leaves, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for the spice. Salty, sweet, spicy, savory and creaminess all came together in this pizza. It was so good.


  1. This looks great!! and sounds even better :)) Mmmmm

  2. Wow! That is one awesome pizza for sure! The topping with Belgian ale braised pork shoulder along with candied pecans and apples is an incredible combination! Absolutely love this, a must try!

  3. Gorgeous! Looks like a work of art to me! I've been inspired by pizzas lately as well. They're so much fun to make.

    And I need to get my butt over to a true gastro-pub soon. We lack those here in MI. Boo.

  4. When I saw the picture, I thought you had posted your first restaurant review! Your pizza looks and I bet tastes better than most $20 variations out there.

  5. That is one amazing looking pizza! Definitely sounds like my kind of pie!

  6. Yes, that looks like one of the best pizzas ever. And your description makes it sound even better. Especially since I had Domino's for lunch. Ugh.

  7. Oh holy heaven, I want to eat that for BREAKFAST RIGHT NOW!