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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alinea's Cheese in Cracker

I came across a short, easy, fun recipe in the Alinea cookbook called Cheese, in Cracker. The simplicity of a cheese cracker in the Alinea book was all it took to draw my curiosity, so I went about my afternoon snack of cheese crackers.

Cheese, in Cracker

The dough was made the day before and baked the day of. After the crackers puff up, I made a melted cheese sauce. Right before serving, the hot sauce was injected into previously punched holes on the crackers. A bite into the crunchy cracker with hot melted aged Wisconsin cheese, and you will understand why Chef Achatz had to put this simple snack in his book. Seconds later, I found myself making a second batch of crackers. Compared to other dishes in the book, this cheese cracker snack lacks complexity and layers of flavors. The combination of crackers, cheese, and milk also seems rather traditional. What makes this so special, however, is the pure cheesiness in one, hot explosive bite.

Here is a quick recap of the process:

Cutting dough into 1-inch squares
Puffed Crackers out of the Oven
Injecting Hot Wisconsin Cheese Sauce into Crackers
Melted Cheese inside of Each Cracker


  1. i love how they puffed up! :)

  2. How neat! Love this cracker idea!

  3. Very neat, i like the technique of injecting the melted cheese inside the crackers! Perfect little bites!

  4. this technique is new to me but I love it. melted cheese in bite size crackers, mmmm

  5. Ok, how much do you want for a box of those? They look quite addicting and I like how you captured each step of the process. Great selection of focus on your shots as well.

  6. this is fantastic. I really need that book. thanks for reminding me!