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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The French Laundry

We finally visited Chef Thomas Keller's 3-Michelin-starred world-renowned restaurant, The French Laundry

Once we were seated, we were provided with two sets of menu that change daily and an ipad for wine selection. One menu was the restaurant's standard menu and the other was a vegetable menu that consisted of lighter courses. We, of course, opted for the standard menu. The restaurant also has four sommeliers to help select the best wine for each course.

The French Laundry Dinner July 31, 2011
"Oysters and Pearls"
Sabayon of Pearl Tapioca with Island Creek Oysters and White Sturgeon Caviar
"Salad of Hawaiian Hearts of Palm"
Beets, Navel Orange, Australian Black Truffle, Pickled Ramps and Nasturtium
Choice A - "Sauteed Fillet of Gulf Coast Red Snapper"
Forest Mushrooms "a la Grecque," Nantes Carrots, Sunchokes and Cilantro Shoots
Choice B - "Seven Spice-Cured Atlantic Fluke"
Hen-of-the-Woods Mushroom "Tempura," Asian Pear, Red Radish, Hass Avocado and Bonito "Gelee"
Choice A - "Flour Story Hill Farm Poularde"
Yukon Gold Potato, Celery Branch and Summer Truffles 

Choice B - "Tete De Cochon"
Brentwood Corn, Bing Cherries, Black Walnut and Arugula

"Elysian Fields Farm Lamb"
"Petit Sale," Marinated Toybox Tomatoes, Summer Squash, "Panisse" and Spanish Capers

"Andante Dairy Cadence"
English Muffin, Blackberry, Fennel Bulb, and Mustard "Aigre-Doux"

"Chamomile Sherbet"
Sunflower Seed "Granola," Summer Melon and Honey

Choice A - "Carramelia Chocolate Cremeiux"
Gros Michel Banana, Georgia Peanuts, "Dentelle" and Salted Popcorn Ice Cream
Choice B - "Nectarine Melba"
Sicilian Pistachio "Pain de Genes," Andante Dairy Yogurt, Biscotti and Raspberry Sorbet
One of the many "snacks" throughout the evening - "Assorted Chocolates"
Peanut Butter Jelly, Hazelnut, Olive oil, Ginger, Fruit, Cherry

A Tour of The French Laundry Kitchen
Real Time Monitor of Per Se, New York
Beautiful Conclusion of our Evening at The French Laundry


  1. Looks like some great dishes here. What did you think of the meal? Did you like it?

  2. Amazing and wonderful dishes to choose. They are all delicious and yummy! These would be very hard to choose for me since they are all I like! which plan did you choose?

  3. Good for you to experience this elegant meal. The French Laundry cookbook is the most influential cookbook I've ever read.


  4. wow, not only the presentation, but also the names of these dishes are so inviting!!! wowzers.

  5. What a stunningly artistic feast - and with snacks and a tour of the kitchen even! I'm probably the only person in the world that had a reservation at TFL and cancelled!

  6. Wow! All of that food looks so amazing! What an experience! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I didn't know you live in the Bay Area too! I was shocked to see the date you went... my friend was there on the same night! How cool... my husband and I always want to go there but with 2 kids (and baby sitter situation) it's hard to come back home after the long dinner course... my friends around have been there already and heard great things. I really need to check it out one day... Two of us could easily cost $1000 (including wine) though, right? But it's going to be a life time experience. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  8. Looks like you had an ah-mazing time! The food looked pristine and gorgeous and I can only imagine what they must've tasted like. Lucky girl!

  9. We went to Napa so many times .. it's just 2 hrs drive for us but the French Laundry is just not working out yet. These dishes looks stunning!

  10. What a meal, I've been dying to go to The French Laundry for a while! The red snapper course in particular looks incredible...and those chocolates are gorgeous!

  11. wow...very interesting post..
    love all the clicks..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  12. How fantastic! Looks like a beautiful and delicious meal. Must have been so fun.

  13. Dream come true! Hope you guys had an amazing time in wine country. I still need to ping Jas on his thoughts about the meal, but each of these plates look decadent (great low light captures too). I think Per Se is the logical next big dinner!

  14. Sooooo Jealous of you! Keller is one of my gods!
    You can tell how amazing a restaurant is on how they leave you with the last impressions... desserts!
    And of course Keller's caviar god and Chicken saints. Proven as per pictures! Oh envy!

  15. Holy moly. What a meal!! Thomas Keller is amazing. I love that they have a real-time monitor of Per Se!

  16. Absolutely Gorgeous! I am so jealous! This must have a been a meal that you will never forget. Hope that you have a lovely weekend!

  17. Oh, lucky you! I've only eaten at Bouchon...SO yummy! Everything looks spectacular~